Photography and Beyond

Pritya Arts is a blend of Priyanka and Aditya, a husband wife company which has grown tremendously over the years. Due to our knowledge, experience and commitment to deliver, we could add a lot of larger than life weddings to our portfolio. Our consistency of work has proven to be the best. We don't offer variety of packages but try to be consistent and improve on what we offer every season. Our best in class cinematography has already been well appreciated by our clients. Our lead photographer Aditya Wadhwa is a qualified photographer with a vast array of wedding photography experience along with specialisation in portrait photography. His style of connecting differently with brides, grooms and families along with creative lighting technique adds an interesting mood and flavour to the photographs. His portfolio speaks for itself and he always remains as a top priority of the families we shoot for. Above all, Priyanka's and Aditya's personal connect with the bride and the groom help each image stand out. They always strive to deliver at their own satisfaction and not just focus on what the client wants. Priyanka and Aditya live in Dwarka, New Delhi, India with their loveable daughter Pritya. When not shooting for clients, they prefer spending time with Pritya and clicking her pictures as she grows.